Health’s perfect-10has just dropped in

Made from 100% organic cashew nut shell oil, it’s the first of its kind and specially formulated to help your body perform at its very best.

Meet Amazoil™ Surf Pro+

Whether it’s surfing, paddling, SUPing or swimming, joint aches and pains can really slow you down. What’s even worse are the times they keep us from doing what we love. As surfers ourselves, we wanted to create a natural triple-action daily supplement that gets you back in the water and keeps you there too.


• Helps reduce inflammation and joint pain
• Assists in speeding up recovery after exercise
• Promotes optimal gut health to improve digestion and nutrient absorption
• Aids a healthy immune system for less downtime
• Antimicrobial properties that work to lower your risk of digestive discomfort whilst travelling or encountering bacteria from the water
• Helps support your skin with added antioxidants and UV protection

“Using Amazoil™ Surf Pro+ my back and joints have never feltbetter and my energy levels are through the roof!”

– Travis Logie

How is Amazoil™ Surf Pro+ different from Amazoil™ original?

We’ve considered everything that ocean-warriors need.

Alongside the potent blend found in our existing Amazoil™, we’ve added vitamins that promote your skin’s natural defence against UV sun damage*.

Better yet, our 100% recyclable packaging means a supplement with a lower environmental impact.

*Please note that Amazoil™ Surf Pro+ is not a substitute for sunscreen.

For more on our benefits and the research that backs them up, please click here.

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